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Hospitality life “The AFD”

Chris Fletcher & Kieron Bailey

The AFD podcast is brought to you by EXP101 and founder Chris talks to entrepreneurs in the world of hospitality & retail. It is all about telling and sharing stories. In the first season of the 'AFD' we focus on small businesses at a time when they are being faced with the toughest of challenges during a global pandemic. We find out how they've survived, thrived, and been supported by their local communities like never before. Topics vary as the conversation follows the individual stories of the people behind the brand. We discuss how they've innovated quickly and created new strategies to stay in business. It's all about hearing how their personal circumstances have led them to build the companies they have today. If you want to be inspired, educated and learn about what goes into setting up your own business then this is for you. It's also for you if you're a lover of great stories and finding out more about small, independent businesses! These are the people who are at the coalface, the people who work all fu##%$g day! The AFD.To stay In touch with our latest episodes or to watch all of our FREE content sign up to our weekly newsletter at

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