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Tech on Toast - Episode 6 Kim Teo, CEO & Co-Founder of Mr Yum

February 09, 2022 Chris Fletcher Season 1 Episode 6
Tech on Toast
Tech on Toast - Episode 6 Kim Teo, CEO & Co-Founder of Mr Yum
Show Notes

This week Chris talks with Kim Teo, CEO & co-founder of Mr Yum.

Born in Singapore, spending her teens and 20s in Australia and spending her time between LA, London, and Melbourne, Kim Teo was appointed Mr Yum CEO in 2018. Mr Yum is a mobile payments and growth platform that has revolutionised the way people order food and drinks at hospitality and entertainment venues and now has more than 13 million global users. A passionate advocate for women taking leadership roles in technology and business, bringing big ideas to life and creating a dynamic company culture is the energy that drives Kim and turns work into play. Having recently closed the company’s recent record-breaking funding round, which was Australia’s largest Series A for a female-led company, when not working on Mr Yum you’ll find Kim watching Australian Rules Football, at the gym, or visiting the latest Mr Yum hotspot. 

During the chat we discuss:

• Kims journey and lessons learned along the way to growing Mr Yum
• The lack of female CEO's in Tech and why that might be?
• Growing a global team and giving autonomy.
• How to grow adoption rates with your customers and their teams 
• Whether the industry is getting it right in terms of tech and the role both the suppliers and the operators have to play. 
• The values of Mr Yum and how Kim believes " running towards fire " is key to any business as it grows quickly
• The difference between the markets in Australia and the UK
• The latest developments in data and how we can empower the servers at the table to personalise the experience 

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