Tech on Toast

Tech on Toast - Episode 10, Katy Moses , Founder of KAM

March 08, 2022 Chris Fletcher Season 1 Episode 10
Tech on Toast
Tech on Toast - Episode 10, Katy Moses , Founder of KAM
Show Notes

This week we have a special episode to celebrate International Women's Day with the fabulous Katy Moses, Founder of KAM.

About KAM

"Research and insight experts, providing the tools to understand your customer's journeys. Using consumer and operator research and insights to help identify the ways in which your business can improve.Whether your customer is the end consumer, an independent retailer or a hospitality operator, understanding and influencing the customer journey is vital to any business. Marketing (product, price, place, and promotions) and people (field sales, BDMs, front-line staff, etc.) are the core elements at play. Our research and insight tools and services are designed to help you better understand why, where, and how to create impactful and engaging customer journeys."

During our Chat we discussed:

  • Katy's background in media publishing and the formation of KAM
  • How insight has been influenced by Tech over the past 5 years
  • How online focus groups have opened up a new arena to gain insight
  • Why suppliers entering the hospitality need to utilise insight to ensure they land their offering correctly!
  • Katy's opinion on Tech in Hospitality and who will win going forward
  • A/B testing ....where Chris really shows his age!!
  • A certain bike ride coming up on the horizon.....

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