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Tech on Toast - Episode 4 Angus Jackson , Co- Founder,Storekit

January 25, 2022 Chris Fletcher & Kieron Bailey Season 1 Episode 5
Tech on Toast
Tech on Toast - Episode 4 Angus Jackson , Co- Founder,Storekit
Show Notes

This week Chris chats to Angus Jackson, Co- Founder of Storekit.

About Storekit, "Storekit is the easiest mobile ordering system for venues, designed to get your customers ordering more. We formally launched in 2021, although we’ve been working in hospitality software for a little while longer. We’re a team of 25, based in London, and ready to take on the world."

In this episode we cover :

  • Angus's background and the "pivot" that brought about Storekit
  • Recognising that the "Shopify for Hospitality" didn't exist, so went about creating it!
  • Recruiting a team of Hospitality people to speak the same language and support implementation with their customers
  • Encouraging collaboration with suppliers to help speed up the integration process
  • Using digital ordering to benefit the customer, ensuring that speed is key in this frictionless experience and not " hijacking the checkout" with logos and grabbing data.
  • Encouraging the operations team to be involved in the buying process of tech, whilst supporting marketing delivering the brand experience & explaining that the operational strategy has to sit alongside the digital strategy.
  • we discuss that one of the evergreen problems tech cant fix is people and how the industry needs to keep this particular challenge at the top of the agenda!

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