Tech on Toast

Tech on Toast - Episode 5 John Mason, Founder & learning activist at Sideways.

February 01, 2022 Chris Fletcher Season 1 Episode 6
Tech on Toast
Tech on Toast - Episode 5 John Mason, Founder & learning activist at Sideways.
Show Notes

This week Chris talks to John Mason, learning guru and founder of Sideways.

Since moving to London from his native New Zealand John has been obsessed with learning after struggling with learning in the early years of his life.  John had no confidence when it came to his early years in work and still to this day John believes that peer-to-peer learning helped him, good people taking time to help him learn sales calls, talk to new clients, and basically deal with the world of work that school hadn't prepared him for.

John believes that " everyone is good at something " and with all the technology at our fingertips now we should share what we are good at, sideways lets you do that.

In this episode we cover :

  • Why asking for help at work  is absolutely crucial 
  • Banking knowledge is key to ensuring when our mentor leaves a role we can still keep learning and growing.
  • Giving permission to ask, allowing your people to ask questions and get the help that otherwise stunts personal and company growth
  • How video can be the key to learning 
  • How good content is crucial for encouraging younger learners
  • Good retention is directly linked to training.
  • Learning created by the employee for the employee, learning how they want to learn NOT how our generation think they should learn
  • Personalised training, how matching existing content to peers can help the heroes teach their colleagues.
  • Building a community around learning, The People collective.

If you want to ask for help, John is available below



Dedicated hospo site : (coming in a week or two)

 Books mentioned :

Give and Take - Why helping others shape our success. Adam Grant All you have to do is Ask. Wayne Baker

There are loads tune in and come and meet John.